Sheetrock and Drywall Repair and Installation


What’s the difference between sheetrock and drywall?
They are basically the same thing. “Sheetrock” is a registered trade name with the U.S. Patent office. Drywall is the term we use to describe the method of construction and application of sheetrock.

Signs of damaged sheetrock could include:

  • cracks due to settling or hot and cold temperature changes
  • popped drywall nails and screws
  • dents or holes
  • faded texture
  • wallpaper that ripped or adhered to old sheetrock

Choose the right professional
If you have damaged sheetrock, make sure to choose a contractor wisely when you are looking to repair your wall. Sheetrock provides important insulation and must be installed properly to last the lifetime of your house.

Some sheetrock installation projects can require two or more people, because moving heavy drywall sheets is difficult. Assistants or drywall cradles can help. Knowing the techniques to reduce taping costs is important. We always hang plastic sheeting at each door leading to other rooms to trap the usual dust that comes with remodeling. We are sure to shut off your air conditioning unit to avoid getting dust particles in the ductwork and spreading it throughout the house.

After installing new drywall, we will add your desired texture, wallpaper, and/or paint color to give your home the finished look it has been lacking.

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