San Diego is Flipping Sweet


According to the latest data, San Diego is one of the most profitable metropolitan area in the whole country to flip houses. ‘Flipping’ a house is a quick-profit strategy in which an investor purchases real estate at a discount price and improves the property in order to sell it at a higher price, usually within 6 months. The statistics show that, on average, homes in San Diego that were remodeled and resold within 6 months made a gross profit of almost $95,000. CBCS is experienced at remodeling upscale San Diego communities and can assist you with locating sound investment properties and evaluating the costs of repair before you purchase. If you are in need of renovations or remodeling to an existing San Diego area home or if you are considering buying one that may need repairs let us help that decision be profitable for you. Our sign in your yard is a sign of a job well done.


If your ready to flip, don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your ideas.



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