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Wood Deck Installation

CBCS knows that despite all of the various types of material you can build your new deck out of, pressure treated wood is the number 1 material chosen for the substructure by both residential and commercial clients across the United States. The widespread popularity of using pressure treated lumber for decks is not surprising when you consider it is available coast-to-coast, it is easy to work with, fastens efficiently and, most importantly, it is an affordable material that can suit almost any budget.

Today's pressure treated wood is also much safer than in years past, is effective at resisting both rot, fungus and wood boring insects and is easy to repair or replace should any damage occur over the years.

Our professional deck installers understand that pressure treated wood isn't very dimensionally stable, can crack, split or warp which is why we hand pick each and every piece of pressure treated wood we utilize on our clients decking jobs. This not only ensure that your new deck will look amazing for many years, but that with regular maintenance, it will keep its form and functionality so that your deck is ready to be used no matter what time of year it is.

If you are looking to get a new wooden deck installed or repaired, contact CBCS today and let us give you a free estimate detailing just how affordable a deck built from Redwood, pressure treated or Douglas Fir lumber can be.

Composite Deck Installation

Our skilled decking professionals can help you with your composite decking needs too, with years of expertise and precision composite deck work under our belt. If you want to add a new composite deck to your yard, repair an existing area of composite decking or just get your composite deck cleaned, CBCS has the experience needed to turn your composite decking project into a reality, affordably and quickly.

Composite decking material is quickly becoming one of the more popular alternative choices to pressure treated wood, due to its great ability to hold its shape, low maintenance needs and longevity.

If you would like to discuss getting a new composite deck built or, an existing deck structure repaired or cleaned, get in touch with CBCS today so we can take a look at the work you need and give you a no obligation, free estimate on cost and completion timeframe.

Concrete Patio Construction

Pouring concrete patios or building concrete slab patios is one of the things we get asked about most in the Jacksonville FL area, many home and business owners all across the region want to add a new patio to their properties with the minimum of fuss and cost and concrete is an ideal material to make this happen. CBCS is the perfect patio contractor to help you get a new concrete patio installed or get an existing patio repaired in San Diego, our years of experience and service has given our techs a wide range of skills that will enable us to custom build a concrete patio to your exact specifications.

We are meticulous in our approach to building concrete patios, first we check the grade where you want the patio installing, ensure the area is prepped and formed correctly, that the form is level and only then, once we are certain the area is ready, we will either pour or lay your new concrete patio. Feel free to call, text or email us for more information on getting a new concrete patio installed or existing patio repaired.


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