Shade Structures


Nothing completes an outdoor living space like a pergola, arbor or a freestanding shade sail. Pergolas are primarily designed for adding aesthetic ambiance and dimension to your outdoor living spaces. Due to their open-air structure, pergolas provide partial shade, and are not designed to protect from rain. Cabanas are shade structures that are often used beside swimming pools and can provide a bit more privacy. They can have adjustable curtains or shades and even decorative drapes or solid walls on one or more sides. We also can design arbors, tiki huts, and trellises to give your outdoor living area even more of a personalized feel. These shade structures can be customized exactly to your preferences and made specifically to fit your style

There’s no better way to create a cozy atmosphere outdoors than to add a little flame. Fireplaces become a focal point with ambiance, while fire pits create a custom social circle. Whether you’re searching for a built-in Grecian torch or need an authentic Italian pizza oven, our designers can make fire fit your fantasy. Heat things up with your choice between a wood-burning or gas feature. Instantly create a cozy atmosphere with one of these unique fire accents. A fire pit provides a place to roast marshmallows or hot dogs, creating a campout feel without having to leave the comfort of your home. A fireplace sets the ambiance of a warm and cozy area to curl up with a book while looking up at the night stars. And a unique fire feature can be customized to be a visual focal point of your outdoor living area. A perfect gathering place for friends and family, a fire-centric display adds to a homeʼs value and adds lasting appeal.



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